Nathan is committed to helping people in need within our local community.

Since 2016 Nathan has partnered with the South West Women’s Refuge to provide vehicles for women fleeing domestic violence. This came about after recognising the huge benefit for women to have their own safe and reliable vehicle to assist them in gaining independence and re-building their lives.

Vehicles are generously donated by members of the community. Nathan then donates his time and resources to carry out any necessary repairs and servicing to get the vehicle ready to give away. The vehicle recipients are selected by the staff at the Women’s Refuge.

The vehicle pictured is the fifth such vehicle we have given to someone in need. We have also included a comment from a recipient of a donation to show you how much change we can make in someone’s life if we band together as a community.

“Oh my goodness! I’m not sure what to say but please accept my heartfelt thank you to yourself and your wife, your generosity is astounding. This will change our lives so much. If there’s anything at all I can do in return please let me know. I will certainly be spreading the word about your kindness and about Advanced Auto Solutions. Thank you”

We can only do this with the help of the kind people who have donated their vehicles and the ongoing support of our customers and community.

If you have a vehicle that you would like to donate,  please get in touch, and help us to change someone’s life for the better.

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